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Foundation wai shrimp flower seafood pot practice

Jiwai shrimp flower seafood pot is done as follows


Base circumference shrimp shrimp 400 grams

Flower armour is worth 350 grams

Silmushroom 350 g

Cabbage is at 200 grams

Fan went for 200 grams

Garlic sauce is served at 100 g

Light soy sauce 30 grams

Old smoke 10 grams

Peanut oil at 50 g

Tap water is at 100 grams

Oyster sauce 30 grams

Sayenne Pepper Powder at 20 g

Procedure of Seafood Pot
Step 1
1: The vermicelli can be soaked in cold water (about two hours), and can be soaked in warm water (about half an hour) in case of rush. 2: Use boiling water to open the shell of the manila. The shell that cannot be opened must be peeled. Make sure it is not an empty shell with sand, and then clean it. 3: Clean the shrimp and cut the edge from the back, so it is easier to taste. 4: Clean the cabbage and cut it into 5mm wide strips with a diagonal knife. 5: Rinse and tear off the mushroom.
Step 2
In a pan, add 35g of peanut oil, heat the oil, stir fry the shredded cabbage for one minute, and turn off the heat,
Step 3
The pot is set. The stir fried shredded cabbage is spread in the pot, and the silver needle mushroom is also spread in the pot,
Step 4
The front is paved with needle mushroom, and now is paved with soft vermicelli,
Step 5
Pave shrimps
Step 6
Put the manicure in the middle of the pot,
Step 7
Start to mix the garlic paste in the seafood pot, prepare a large bowl, pour the garlic paste, light soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, peanut oil, tap water, and pepper powder into the large bowl, mix them evenly, pour them evenly into the seafood pot, cover them, braise for three minutes on high fire, and then turn to medium fire for five minutes,
Step 8
You can start cooking in 8 minutes. If you like to look good, you can eat directly. If you want to taste better, you can stir fry for one minute when you are ready to start cooking,

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