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Pan Fried Sliced Flatfish

Main materials; Flatfish fillet; 340g; Asparagus; 50g; snow pea; 40g; Auxiliary materials; Oil; appropriate amount; Salt; 2g; pepper; 2g; Small tomatoes; 2; Step;
1. This is Alaska halibut fillets removed from the outer package and put in the kitchen for natural thawing;
2. After thawing, slightly clean it and filter out the excess water in the sieve;
3. Apply salt and pepper on the surface;
4. Pat a little more dry starch;
5. Put a little oil in the hot pot and fry the fish fillet in the fire;
6. One side is set and discolored, and then pan fried. At this time, put asparagus and peas in;
7. Sprinkle a little salt on the vegetables separately and stir fry them. When the fish is fried, the vegetables are ripe.;
8. Put two small tomatoes on the plate and enjoy

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