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Dalian Far Eastern Shores Seafood Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastern Fisheries Co., Ltd and established in September, 2006. Main business is processing Pacific Cod and Alaska sole, like yellow fin sole, flathead , rock sole, plaice and so on. The products are distributed to many countries depending on our harvest and processing line. The company gets HACCP and BRC certificate to insure the quality of the product.

Eastern Fisheries Inc. has grown from the deck up into the world’s largest scallop company and a trusted seafood source. It operates 24 scallop vessels and four fleets for sole in Alaska to supply Dalian Far Eastern Shores Seafood Co., Ltd with rich sole resources.

Dalian Far Eastern Shores Seafood Co., Ltd is popular and well known among aquaculture around the globe.There are hundreds of employees producing and operating the sole fillet and scallop.

Ensuring value, quality, dependability and social morality is the moral to our ongoing seafood story.